At Yogamazia, we believe in the power of connection to foster holistic health practices. Our mission extends beyond our studio walls as we collaborate with a diverse range of entities sharing our commitment to physical and mental wellness. From schools and educators to healthcare professionals, advocates for maternal health, gender and racial equity, corporations, and more, we strive to weave a tapestry of wellness, creating a nurturing and supportive ecosystem for all. In 2023, Yogamazia was recognized as the Pennsbury Partners Program Business Partner of the Year for being an exceptional asset to the Pennsbury School District. 

Uniting for a Healthier Community

NOVA supports, counsels and empowers victims of sexual assault and other serious crimes in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. They work to prevent and eliminate violence in society through advocacy, training, community education and prevention programs. Their services are free to anyone who needs them. Contact the 24/7 Helpline at 1-800-675-6900.
NOVA will be hosting at A Starlit Evening, their Annual Auction and Gala taking place on Friday, April 19, 2024 at Spring Mill Manor. The gala will honor their 50th anniversary and staff, volunteers, partners and donors that have supported NOVA throughout the past 50 years.

NOVA Bucks

Community CONNECTORS Spotlight

Corporate Yoga and Wellness 

Enhance team building, conferences, and business summits with our corporate yoga and wellness initiatives, that foster a culture of health and productivity.


Extending Our Reach

Guest Speaker AND/OR Educator

Engage with us for keynotes, panels, professional workshops, classroom sessions, and school assemblies, where we bring insights and inspiration on holistic health.

Community and School-based Programs

Our yoga and mindfulness programs and workshops are tailored for schools and summer camps, aiming to nurture family wellness and community spirit.

Here's what our
Fox Tribe has to say...

don't take our word for it

"We don't see the classes because our children have them at school, but one day one of our kids was having a very difficult time crying. At pick up, I approached the instructor to explain why and she showered my child with love and gave me a love boost to be a better parent that week. Our kids love the yoga classes and show us the poses and talk about their classes all the time!"

Sharon & Alex

“NOVA is proud to partner with Yogamazia – we share a mission to work to build a stronger, more resilient Bucks County by equipping residents with the tools to keep themselves and each other safe and caring for those who face difficult circumstances. Michelle and her team are so supportive of NOVA and truly embody what it means to be an Upstander.”

Michelle Cash, Development Director, NOVA Bucks

“I was very happy with the partnership and loved the addition that you brought to our summer camp program. I appreciate the help that you gave to us and hope that we can partner again in the future.”

executive director,
Childcare organization

“Yogamazia facilitated the wellness session for our conference of about 200 people. They did an EXCEPTIONAL job! We highly recommend them for corporate events.”

Conference Planning Team

3. feel more empowered

Join us on a journey towards a flourishing community. Together, we can empower individuals, families, and entire communities to embrace resilience and holistic health.

 Let’s Build Healthier Communities Together!

Choose your path, book your consult, and join us in fostering enriched well-beings.

1. CHoose your path

Select the service that aligns with your organization's goals. Whether it's for educational purposes, corporate wellness, or community engagement, we're ready to collaborate.

2. Book a consult

Discuss your specific needs and how we can support your mission. Book a consultation to explore a partnership that enriches your community's

Let’s Collaborate
Enrich Our Community Together!

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