Parenthood is an adventure filled with wonders and uncertainties, especially around childbirth and the postpartum period. At Yogamazia, we partner with expectant and new parents to transform these uncertainties into a journey of joy and confidence. Through our comprehensive educational and emotional support, we help you achieve a serene birthing experience and step into parenthood with excitement and confidence. Our private appointments and virtual offerings are tailored to your unique journey.

Embrace the Parenthood Journey

Prenatal Yoga

Our Goddess class adapts yoga techniques to support you and your pregnant body. Experience classes that focus on breathing, movement, and relaxation, preparing you for childbirth and the parenting journey ahead.

Prenatal Offerings:

Preparing for Your New Arrival

Birth Doula

Enhance your birthing journey with the support of a dedicated doula. Schedule a consultation to understand our coaching and doula packages and how a doula can provide comfort, guidance, and reassurance during your childbirth journey.

Childbirth Education

Discover HypnoBirthing® with the Marie Mongan method designed for relaxation and stress-free birthing. Learn self-hypnosis, relaxation techniques, positive affirmations and additional skills to facilitate a more comfortable birth.

Begin empowering your parenting journey!

Download A GUIDE WITH invaluable tips to AVOIDING BIRTH TRAUMA and achieving a positive birth

Newborn & Infant Massage

Our Little Lotus Hands expands on your bonding journey with Baby’s First Massage® techniques. This research-based training empowers parents and caregivers with listening and sensitive touch skills, fostering a foundation of love, esteem, and respect in your growing family.


Supporting Your New Beginning

Postpartum Doula

Transition smoothly from birth or adoption into the early months of parenthood. Schedule a consultation to understand our coaching and doula packages. Our doulas offer breastfeeding assistance, newborn care, parenting education, and emotional support.

Postnatal & Baby Yoga

Our Little Lotus class rebuilds your strength with postpartum yoga, integrating poses and techniques beneficial for you and your baby's development, while building a supportive community around you.

Here's what our
Fox Tribe has to say...

don't take our word for it

“The HypnoBirthing childbirth course at Yogamazia was such a great experience! My husband and I learned so much and felt so supported each week. The instructor always took the time to answer our questions and we are so grateful. I couldn’t recommend taking this class enough!” 


“I attended prenatal yoga classes at Yogamazia and found so much peace and empowerment. My husband and I also attended the HypnoBirthing childbirth classes. The instructor has a wealth of knowledge and has her own experiences to back it up. She also became our birth and postpartum doula and would not have had the birthing experience we so desperately wanted without her unbelievable support. If you are seeking Yogamazia for your child, it's the right choice. It takes a village, allow them to be a part of that village.” 


“This place is wonderful, and I’m so grateful for finding it when I was looking for prenatal yoga classes in the area. The instructor is an amazing person and teacher. I can’t find words to express how thankful I am for all her support, kindness and encouragement. I was also lucky to have a chance to take HypnoBirthing classes and have her as my postpartum doula and it was great! Highly recommend to anyone who wants a peaceful and empowering birthing experience.” 


“Loved taking baby yoga here! It was a great way to connect with other moms, get in a gentle workout, and bond with my baby!”


3. feel more empowered

Embark on your parenting adventure with confidence and support. Through our classes and services, gain valuable knowledge about birth and parenting, and become a part of a nurturing and empowering community. Your journey to confident parenthood starts here!

Journey from Goddess to Little Lotus:

Your Path to Empowered Parenting

Choose your path, book your consult/class, and begin a life of enriched well-being.

1. CHoose your path

Whether you prefer the personalized focus of a private appointment or the shared experience of a group class, select the option that best fits your journey. Our offerings cater to your unique needs, from pregnancy to postnatal stages.

2. Book a consult/class

Connect with us to discuss your journey into parenthood. Schedule a consultation to explore the best services for you, or choose a class from our schedule that resonates with your parenting path. This step is about tailoring our offerings to your personal story.

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