Empowering Parents and Children

At the heart of our mission is a commitment to the comprehensive well-being of families. We focus on nurturing physical, emotional, and wellness education, transforming the lives of parents, children, and community leaders alike. Yogamazia is not just a typical yoga studio - it's a thriving hub of growth and empowerment.

When you join us, you're not just selecting a service; you're embarking on a transformative journey. Our sanctuary is a haven where every interaction goes beyond mere transactions. It's about forging deep, lasting connections, investing in your family’s well-being, and nurturing the essence of our community. You and your family are at the center of everything we do.

More Than Just Services

Why choose us?

Our core Values:

The Foundation of G.R.A.C.E.

Every offering at Yogamazia is infused with our core values, forming the pillars of G.R.A.C.E.:


Ensuring fairness, inclusivity, and accessibility in wellness for all.


Cherishing our gifts, growth opportunities, and harmonious living.


Embracing positive communication, compassion for all, and honoring Mother Earth.


Upholding the ethics of yoga, promoting peace, honesty, and self-belief.


Uniting people and giving back, strengthening the bonds of togetherness.

I am a West Indian immigrant, wife, mother to three amazing girls and a passionate advocate for holistic well-being. My journey with yoga began in 2013 during pregnancy with my second child, motivated by the desire for a different outcome than my first birth. It became a transformative period where I discovered the profound impact it can have on body and mind. When I incorporated HypnoBirthing® during pregnancy with my third daughter, I was able to have a safe and pain-free home birth. 

However the realization of this transformation wasn’t just for me; it extended to my children, influencing their daily lives in countless positive ways. So after a rewarding corporate pharmaceutical career of over two decades, I made a bold decision in 2020 to transition and embark on a new venture – Yogamazia!

At Yogamazia, yoga is not only for physical well-being but a platform to engage in further education and meaningful discussions about social and health inequities. My mission is to empower as many women as I can and inspire future generations of leaders to be a voice for positive change in our communities.

Apart from my academic credentials (BSc. Pharmacy, MSHS, PhD), I am a certified yoga instructor with specializations in prenatal/postnatal and children's yoga. I am also certified as a HypnoBirthing® childbirth educator, Pennsylvania Certification Board Perinatal Doula (birth and postpartum), and newborn massage instructor.

I proudly serve on the Board of Directors of the Lower Bucks County Chamber of Commerce and am grateful to be a global ambassador for Yoga Gives Back and a provider for Unite for HER. 

I am genuinely excited to connect with you further. Whether it’s at our studio, through our online offerings, or at community events, I look forward to embarking on this enriching path of wellness together!

Hi, I’m Michelle!


Meet our Founder,
Dr. Michelle El Khoury

I lived in Dubai for 3 years and my third daughter was born there.

(Together Everyone Achieves More)

Our team, seasoned in academic, healthcare, and wellness expertise, and enriched by personal parenting experiences, offers exceptional educational and emotional support. We're excited to guide you on your parenting journey, infusing each step with knowledge, care, and enthusiasm.

Meet the Fox Tribe Leadership Team

Our Lead Warriors


Deb Crasnick, MSW

Her favorite icecream is Mint Chocolate Chip, but it has to be Pistachio Mint Chocolate Chip!


Juli Eckmeier

Juli has been working with children since she was a youth herself as an art, music and movement teacher. She worked with various preschools and camps doing music and movement throughout the New York and Philadelphia areas before having her own four children. 

As she found herself intuitively using yoga with her family and in her classes she had the realization that she had always been the happiest in her life with a consistent practice and then became dedicated to teaching others the ability to calm, heal and grow through yoga. 

Juli is registered with Yoga Alliance as a 500 hour and 85 hour prenatal yoga teacher and also has a children’s yoga certification. She has continuously been training and studying in anatomy and myofascial release and is also chair yoga certified. 

She teaches yoga at the Pen Ryn school and also works with Earth School during the summers incorporating her passion for art, music, nature in all that she does to demonstrate that yoga can change the world one child at a time. 


Dejenaba Gordon, MPH

Wellness is Dejenab's passion and she believes all people should have the opportunity to thrive and live healthy, happy lives. With this in mind, and in an effort to help all persons find balance from the chaos of their lives and gain skills to manage stress, she founded the BE Yoga Wellness Network. BE Yoga is an agency that offers mobile adaptive, beginner yoga, group exercise, mindfulness/wellness and nutrition cooking classes. 

Dejenaba also previously served as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Public Health at Arcadia University and worked as a Community Health Outreach Worker at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia teaching children and families in the Behavioral Health - Wellness Equity for a Healthy Life project.

Originally from Camden, New Jersey, Dejenaba earned a B.S. degree from Temple University, and a Master of Public Health degree from Drexel University, and has also completed over 400 hours of yoga teacher training.

FUN FACT ABOUT dejenaba:

Deb began her yoga journey in 2011 after participating in a local class. She quickly realized that yoga practice involves so much more than just the asanas, or poses. 

As Yoga has a profound history and can offer strength, peace and a deep sense of calm and acceptance when applied to everyday life, Deb wanted to deepen her practice and share what she learned with those around her. She embarked on and completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training through Yogasphere in 2012, becoming a registered yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance. After this experience, she decided to expand her knowledge to children. If kids could experience this calmness, flexibility, focus and balance, it might also provide them with some important tools to reduce stress in their lives. This led her to complete her Children’s Yoga Instructor certification through ChildLight Yoga. 

Deb then put her enthusiasm and knowledge to use by designing and running children’s Yoga Camps for the Bucks County Community College 'Kids on Campus' program from 2014 to 2020. 

She also served as part-time substitute teacher for the Bucks County Intermediate Unit working primarily with special needs and autistic children. 

Deb serves as a back up instructor at Yogamazia and loves sharing light and love with the children in our community.

She once rode a camel near the Great Pyramids in Egypt!


She hiked 23 miles at Yellowstone National Park in one day, while pregnant!


Here's what our
Fox Tribe has to say...

don't take our word for it

"HypnoBirthing completely changed my childbirth experience and I use the techniques to get through so many of life's discomforts ever since. I no longer fear (or even dread) birth, but see it as SUCH a privilege to be able to go through in my human experience. Wish this was a requirement as a mother to be!"


“I was looking for a convenient prenatal yoga class to help with the physical & mental stress I had during my first pregnancy and found Yogamazia. The class was such a relaxing way to recharge my battery each week. The instructor is extremely caring and full of birthing knowledge. It helped me feel more empowered and confident to take on the uncharted waters of giving birth and motherhood. An additional bonus was that I built new friendships with other soon-to-be moms. I highly recommend Yogamazia!”


"I found Yogamazia when I was looking for prenatal yoga classes. What a gift this weekly class was during my pregnancy! The instructor is level-headed and kind and I’m so glad to have her in my corner. If you’re pregnant and yearning for community - do yourself a favor and go to Yogamazia!”


"We love going to yoga at Yogamazia each week! Classes are warm, welcoming and offer educational fun for our daughter."


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